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Chamomile and Whiskey is working hard to make a name for themselves in the Charlottesville, VA music scene, and beyond. With their unique blend of self-described “mountainous folk rock”, this talented quintet has quickly gained a following through their energetic live shows and intelligent songwriting. With the release of their debut EP, “The Barn Sessions”, they eagerly bring that enthusiasm to an even wider audience. 

As a collection of  four tracks, “The Barn Sessions” is a fine example of not only what the band’s capable of, but what the future holds. Except for “Seattle”, a track written and first recorded by the band’s close friend Bobby St. Ours, the remaining three tracks are all original. Filled with earnest, relatable lyrics, the tracks progress smoothly, and are rich with instant appeal. Combined with solid instrumental riffs, these tracks are both memorable and relevant. 

The impressive production quality of “The Barn Sessions” is a treat for even the most demanding audiophiles, while clearly showcasing the skill of the band’s members. Notes from various instruments blend easily with each other, offering a gorgeous sonic backdrop for the carefully-penned lyrics. With each listen of material from “The Barn Sessions”, Chamomile and Whiskey’s unbridled potential is even more evident. Take a listen today, and watch as the band continues to inspire and delight listeners everywhere.  

Download Chamomile and Whiskey "The Barn Sessions"


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