Phillip St. Ours

    There’s an expression people use when they’ve seen it all, more than they expected to see - when they catch a glimpse at least of something underneath the surface layer. Phillip St. Ours shows beneath that surface, blows past expectations - an Indie rock band with all original tunes and an all star, all talent line-up that includes Johnny Stubblefield on drums, Jesse Fiske on bass, Mark Simpson on guitar, Hannah Pocock on violin and Phillip St.Ours on the vocals.
      Johnny Stubblefield is a Charlottesville native. He’s the beating heart of the hit band Parachute and he brings all that heart and energy home to Phillip St. Ours with his rock steady beats. He’s a lion on the drums, putting his huge arena chops to work on stage and even in the studio as the lone percussionist and now hit producer on their soon-to-be-released debut album. His drums are pounding under every track like a hungry whale.
      Jesse Fiske plays every instrument you can name and he’s been doing it on stage for the last twelve years on tour with another native Charlottesville band, The Hackensaw Boys. He’s versatile, steady and all original – locking into that vibration that gets the fans up and dancing, giving them their glimpse at greatness. His bass style bends the low broadbands like a strongman twists through solid steel.
     Mark Simpson, hero of so many other Charlottesville bands, now unites with Phillip St. Ours in a collaboration of genius. A guitarist with his own mysterious case of hooks, he goes to work like a magician and releases his innovations loose to dance on every melody, binding these songs together.
     Hannah Pocock is classically trained and finely tuned, transforming her years as first fiddle into an electrifying and signature flame. Her incendiary licks leave smoke trails of melody with indelible grace, setting the soul that shows beneath to burn.
      Phillip St.Ours puts in words the way it means. His heart is open like an empty tiger, tracking down the way it feels, howling at the way it seems. He sings from there, guided by feeling, guided by the sound around him to a place where freedom lifts his voice upon the open air.
      All of this becomes a band called Phillip St. Ours, dedicated to sound and beauty, living by a code - to rock big but also show that glimpse of something greater. This is driving Indie Rock, crafted for fans who listen deep.

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