Holy Bear

      Bobby started making music when I was twelve so I suppose he would have been thirteen or fourteen years old.  He had all the charisma and confidence and creativity even then.  More than he would ever need.   But maybe I shouldn’t say it that way.   The truth is he had the charisma, confidence and creativity he would very much need, gifts I guess, which would be there to save him.

      Authenticity is a word most people use.  They sometimes shake their heads simultaneously in a kind of disbelief.  Bobby’s got that rarest combination of authenticity.  The experiences go far beyond the usual.  The wisdom goes even further.  And he’s got the voice to drive it really home.

      His first record goes back a few years to a single evening on a porch out in Stony Point Virginia.  You can hear the crickets.  You can hear the high water.  It’s just Bobby playing on the porch, singing to the night while his friend is running the old reel to reel four-track recorder.  And it’s how I love to hear his music best.  Unadorned.  Shimmering in the night. 

      And you’d think since I play drums in the band that I might prefer the full arrangement, the great Holy Bear.  But I’m just keeping time the way the second hand keeps time, records by seconds - while Bobby takes his own stand and creates moments, full and lasting and poignant. Time is just a swift current with no choice but to bend around him and accommodate something rare. 

      So in all these years since we were teenage boys, I’ve been listening and learning and keeping time to the music he creates, shaking my head in wonder and disbelief.  It’s authentic.  And amazing.  He’s had a full life of experience, given the gifts early on that would save him and somehow we all stand right here where we have the chance to join right in and share.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Phillip St. Ours                

 Holy Bear



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