Mister Baby

Mister Baby

Unto the Old Dominion was born a savior (well, singer/songwriter) with a nearly embarrassingly naked, honest voice and an electric guitar strung with her own guts. In the words of Hank Jr. she "could make folks feel what she felt inside."

Megan Huddleston has since grown into a thirty-something dynamo with songs that echo the smack-down murder ballads of Appalachia and the intrepid, menacing electricity of the 50’s first rockers.

Her last offering, Lucky You, seemed tuned to a long lost am station, one that came along at the moment where there is no time, when autumn leaves crunch under foot and the bitterness of a broken heart is turned into a rock&roll ring toss at the state fair.

Unaffected, socially graceless, true to her friends and her art, and a threat to coffeehouse sissies on XM satellite radio. Miss Megan "Molly Smoky" Huddleston should be considered over her council, Garth Brooks and the Louvin Brothers, for your next musical pleasure moment.

But when your day is done and you are tucked away snug in your bed, listening to her music low and on repeat, sleep with one eye open. She's a biter.

- Critter Fuqua

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