The Sally Rose Band


The Sally Rose Band is "the most spirited mother/daughter fronted group you will ever encounter", said Adam Gripp of Magazine 33. Sally Rose, the young and vibrant starlet writes original and eclectic songs while Catherine “Shootin' Moon” Monnes sews in colorful notes and tasteful textures. They cover a vast range of genres from southern rock, to gypsy folk, to Appalachian, rag-time soul. Sally Rose (Nelson County, VA) plays an arch top acoustic guitar and rocks steady on a vintage, electric Fender for more plugged in sets. She sings most influenced by Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Feist, Dianna Ross, Sarah White, and Megan Huddleston. Catherine (Orange, NJ) bows a fiddle, cello, spine-tingling electric violin, and strums the rub board ferociously. Holding down the beat and adding in sweet falsettos is Benjamin Jensen (Greensboro, NC) on a jazz style upright bass. “Sweet Pete” Stallings (Staunton, VA) adds undeniable funk and classic rock undertones with his vintage Telecaster. Together, they all sing hauntingly beautiful, blood harmonies that intertwine seamlessly. Sally Rose's music twirls, it shines, it tip-toes & seduces, you'll fall in love & get drunk off of it-it'll melt your heart, and break you down...

 All in all, the SRB is a family band that loves to play music for people that love to get down, home style! Sally Rose is a martial artist that likes to kick it to James Brown and fancies the "Greyhound" drink. Catherine spends her time parading through the late night allies of Charlottesville, teaching muggles how to be a "gypsy witch". Benjamin studied jazz music religiously and trained his ear into a golden tuner, but these days he mostly enjoys hunting deer and drinking Miller High Life. Sweet Pete shares his funky self with the SRB graciously, even though he also fronts a grungy old time band, "Lost Indian"; Pete is a good story teller and always rocks an Old Fashioned. The Sally Rose Band loves each other boldly; their music displays an enthusiastic breath of fresh air in this generic era of radio pop.

Miss Sally Rose has released two full-length albums as well as a live record on her own. The full band is currently in the studio working fervently to produce you with tantalizing and tasteful tunes! The album is being recorded and produced by Jesse Fiske (Hackensaw Boys & Mister Baby).


The Sally Rose Band

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