Album review: Great Big Fire-Show
Arthur Bradford, Director: "How's Your News?"

As far as I can gather, Mister Baby is some kind of cover name for Megan Huddleston’s musical act.  She assembles all these talented musicians from Charlottesville, Virginia, which is a town full of really talented musicians, and together they play the music that she writes and call it Mister Baby.  But you know to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she didn’t write some of the songs and instead stole the licks and lyrics from her band members who were either too scared or drunk to protest.  She’s very sly that way and I can’t go much farther in this supposed review of the new Mister Baby album without mentioning my most vivid memory of Megan Huddleston: We were driving fast on a country road in her El Camino listening to music on her crappy cassette player and she reached over and wiped a slug sized booger on my leg.  From her own nose!  What the fuck?  That, my friends, is just the kind of gal Megan is.  But then I have to tell you that I really love Megan and even though I did not like that booger I’ll always remember it and laugh and perhaps in some way this new album “Great Big Fire-Show” is like that booger, a poignant gift from a good hearted source.  But you know that’s actually a pretty poor metaphor because this album is much better than a ball of snot.  It’s really quite clever and beautiful and I wouldn’t be surprised if Megan spent a lot of time thinking about the lyrics and working on those chord progressions.  She’s literate and whip smart, which is more than you can say for a lot of people who drive El Caminos, cultivate pugs, and are covered in tattoos and freckles.

Megan is also snaggle-toothed which I’ve decided is a better metaphor for what this album is.  Sure, straight white teeth are fine to look at, but what makes things really interesting in this world are those slightly crooked smiles, the out of place fangs that catch your eye and aren’t boring to look at over and over again.  That’s what this music is.  This album is good because it is honest and the woman who wrote these songs lives passionately and is just a little bit weird.  Man, the stories her lovers could tell!  The music is kind of a cross between Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  My favorite song on this album is “Buffalo”, which is about how we kill all the things we love best, or something like that.  But I’ve had other favorite songs from the album too.  Look, you shouldn’t take my word for it, just listen to the songs and buy the fucking album for Pete’s sake.  It’s worth it.  The other thing I like to remember about Megan is the time she stole her father’s ride-on lawn mower and tried to drive it ten miles into town.  She was serious about this endeavor and someone had to chase her down and run her off the road.  What a sight that must have been, an angry snaggle-toothed gal speeding away into the night on a lawn mower. 

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